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FAQ's About Airborne Mold

Question: How does mold become airborne? 

In indoor environments mold will grow on moist surfaces such as the drywall, wallpaper, carpet, baseboards, and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. As the mold grows, a stage is reached when it will produce spores. The spores then become airborne (aerosolized) after drying out or if they are disturbed.


Question: Can air duct systems become contaminated with mold? 

Yes, air duct systems can become contaminated with mold, either by supporting mold growth inside (e.g., from a dirty or clogged air conditioning pan, due to over-humidification of system, etc.) or by being a means of circulating and distributing spores from one location to other parts of the home.

If mold is Airborne in a building Air Duct Cleaning is necessary

Question: Should I have my ducts cleaned? 

That depends on the results to the air sampling that was taken in your home. If the airborne levels of moldare high in the home, we always recommend the Air Duct System be cleaned and sanitized.


Question: I have mold in my basement but no one ever goes down there. Can this be a problem? 

Yes. It is possible that contaminants can enter small openings in the ventilation system and be distributed to other parts of the home.


Question: Can ozone air cleaners improve or reduce odor or pollution levels? 

Some air cleaners are designed to produce ozone. Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent used as a disinfectant for water and sometimes to eliminate odors. However, ozone is a known lung irritant. Symptoms associated with exposure include cough, chest pain, and eye, nose and throat irritation. Ozone generators have been shown to generate indoor levels above the safe limit. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that ozone is not effective in controlling molds and fungi, even at high concentrations far above safe health levels. Also ozone may damage materials in the home. For these reasons, the EPA strongly recommends that you do not use an ozone air cleaner in any occupied residential space.


Question: Can ozone air cleaners be used in unoccupied spaces? 

They are sometimes promoted to treat homes, furniture and clothing after fires to remove smoke odors. Ozone is a strong oxidizer that will accelerate the degradation of rubber, upholstery, paints and other materials. Hence even when used in unoccupied areas, ozone generators can cause damage to building materials and electronic devices. the use of Air Scrubbers is a much safer way to remove airborne mold contamination.

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