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Mold Testing and Removal in Somerset County NJ

Mold testing and removal services in Somerset County NJ can be required at any time. It may be your basement, attic, kitchen, or bathroom. Anywhere you find moisture you can find a mold removal need.  It can also be a costly issue and even cause you to get sick.  Below are two Somerset County New…

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The Importance of Mold Testing in Your Morris County NJ Home

Many Morris County NJ homeowners wonder if mold testing services are really important before starting their mold removal project.  The short answer is an emphatic “most definitely”! There are many important reasons why mold testing is crucial before jumping into your mold remediation project.  Just ask Rebecca C. of Morristown NJ.  She retained our company…

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Why’s Mold Testing in your Bergen County NJ Home Important

Many Bergen County NJ homeowners ask us why mold testing services are necessary prior to beginning their mold remediation project.  There are several reasons why this is a critical step in the mold removal process.  Just ask Susan G. from Ridgewood NJ.  She hired our company to perform mold testing services to see if her…

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Certified Mold Removal Service VS DIY Mold Removal differences

Certified Mold Removal Service VS. DIY Mold Removal: 3 Key Differences

Did you know that 28% of Americans have genes that make them more likely to get sick from mold? Respiratory issues and severe allergic reactions are common occurrences from mold exposure. The downside is that mold is notoriously difficult to remove. People often try to remove mold themselves using DIY methods. DIY mold removal might seem like…

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