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The Building Envelope

The building envelope separates the interior of a built environment from the outside environment. Simply put it is the interior space of a home. The building envelope includes: exterior walls, a foundation, floors, windows, doors, roofs and ceilings. The building envelope has several purposes including keeping out wind, rain and groundwater as well as controlling the transfer of energy between the inside and the outside.

A major purpose of building envelope design is to provide a structure that maintains comfortable temperature and humidity, while allowing adequate ventilation inside, regardless of outside conditions. The study of heat, air and moisture flow is crucial to understanding building dynamics. Proper construction helps avoid problems such as mold, poor indoor air quality, unwanted water intrusion, and other issues. Small changes in one component can have a dramatic effect on the entire structure.

A common error in building envelope design or construction occurs when materials at and around doors and windows are incorrectly designed or installed. If designed and installed correctly, the possibility of unwanted moisture entering the building envelope is reduced. Understanding flashing details helps mold inspectors understand where to investigate potential moisture intrusion and migration, and potential mold growth. Any opening or penetration in the building envelope that is not properly flashed can result in

Examples of the various types of flashing on a home

It is critical that a mold inspector have a good understanding of building dynamics so that he can determine the root cause of mold contamination in your home. If the cause of the mold contamination is not found and not corrected prior to performing the mold remediation project, the contamination will return, rendering the work unsuccessful. Therefore, understanding the building envelope is an important part of a mold inspectors job.

IICRC S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation

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