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Facts About Mold

Antimicrobials are chemicals used in the mold removal process to destroy or suppress mold from growing on a surface. It is important that mold remediation companies adhere to the proper use of these chemicals as improper use of antimicrobials can harm the individuals applying them or even worse, the homeowner. Antimicrobials are registered and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The most common antimicrobial product used by professional mold remediation companies today is Microban Disinfectant Spray Plus. It is an EPA registered, broad spectrum disinfectant made of pharmaceutical grade ingredients. It is used to destroy or irreversibly inactivate infectious fungi and bacteria and can be used on porous as well as non-porous objects.

It is important to note that Antimicrobials are not to be used as an alternative to proper cleaning procedures and physically removing mold contamination. Antimicrobials should be used only in conjunction with proper cleaning and should not be used indiscriminately. For thoroughly cleaned non-porous building materials, antimicrobials generally are not needed. It is important to note that killing mold and fungal spores does not eliminate the contaminants or contaminated material’s allergenic or toxigenic properties. Therefore, proper mold removal procedures are necessary.

Antimicrobials must be used in accordance with label directions

Pictured is a fogger used to spray antimicrobials where appropriate.

Below are some basic guidelines that mold remediation companies should adhere to in regard to the use of antimicrobials:

  1. Antimicrobials should only be used to treat microorganisms for which the product has been registered for.
    Antimicrobials should only be applied to surfaces (porous, semi-porous and non-porous) for which the product has been registered for.
  2. Those individuals applying Antimicrobials should have appropriate, safety and use training.
  3. Proper (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment should be worn by individuals when applying Antimicrobials.
  4. Antimicrobials should only be applied in strict accordance with label directions.
  5. Antimicrobials should only be disposed of in strict accordance with label directions.
  6. In addition, mold remediators should discuss the potential risks and benefits with homeowners, make available product information including the MSDS sheets, and obtain written informed consent before applying Antimicrobials.

IICRC S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation

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