Principles of Mold Remediation

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Principles of Mold Remediation

There are five general principles used in the mold remediation process. It is critical to select a contractor who will apply all of these principles throughout the entire mold remediation process.

The first step is a proper mold inspection. This will include mold testing as well as a complete structural evaluation. It is necessary to determine the cause of the contamination prior to beginning mold remediation. If the cause is not addressed prior to the mold remediation, the contamination is likely to return.

The cause of the mold contamination must be corrected before beginning the mold removal process.

Documentation during the mold remediation process is necessary to ensure the safe and complete completion of the mold removal process. Environmental conditions and work processes should be documented as well as post-remediation conditions, prior to rebuilding the structure.

Mold remediation contractors must identify all safety and health issues prior to beginning a mold remediation project. When it has been determined through testing, that the indoor environment is contaminated with mold, remediation workers must be protected from exposure. This is primarily done through use of proper engineering controls and work practices. Appropriate respiratory protection as well as proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be used to ensure worker and occupant safety.

Pictured is a respirator used in the mold remediation process

Contamination control measures must be executed to contain the mold contamination as close to the source as possible. Initial moisture mitigation services may be performed to control amplification, while ensuring that mold contamination does not spread from more-contaminated to less or non-contaminated areas.

Contamination removal consists of physically removing mold contamination from a structure. Physical removal should be the performed as well as killing and encapsulating the building surface. A mold remediation contractor should never encapsulate a contaminated surface before physically removing the actual mold contamination.

IICRC S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediatio

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